Helping clients lose weight without dieting, increase energy, overcome emotional eating, beat sugar cravings, balance hormones, eat for autoimmune, decrease stress levels, age with grace and heal through life’s transitions while developing deeper self love. 

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As an Integrative Yoga Health & Healing Habits Coach, I have a unique combination of skills in holistic healing. I combine yoga, ayurveda, behavioural habit changing science, energy healing, food, and lifestyle to help you heal your body. I understand that each person has a unique dietary and physical needs which change over time depending on stress and activity level. By working together we identify to the food, tools and lifestyle choices that best support your healing journey. Using the 10 Habits of Yogis, I help you make gradual lifelong changes enabling you to reach current and future goals to become your best version of you.

Integrative Yoga Health & Healing Habits Coach, Speaker & Author

Welcome to a life of ease!

I'm Ivette


I'm a traveling, knowledge seeking Sagittarius

get to know me...


I'm dominantly Pitta, but love spicy food (oops!)

my dosha:

water and space to balance my fire

favorite element:

dancer is always a favorite

go to yoga pose:

hiking & paddle boarding

favorite way to move:

I hate cooking even though II’m a trained chef. Simple is best.

Something surprising:

Tanzania & Costa Rica

favorite place to visit:

USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, London, Nicaragua

Places I've called home:


I grew up in a house where we used food to celebrate everything — birthdays, holidays, the first day of school. My mother loved to cook, I loved to help, and I also loved to eat. This is where my passion for food, cooking and being with family/community began. 

Being part of a half Latina family and growing up in the 80s, image and physical appearance were so important. Comments on weight and appearance were common and were stated outright by friends and family. I was expected to show up with a smile on my face to, you know, keep up “appearances”. This combined with all the 80’s airbrushed models had a diabolical influence on my development and self-image.

Taught to strive for perfection and excel in all areas of life, there was no room for less than that. My father would wake us at 6am so we could seize the day, and as the eldest daughter, I was expected to help everyone around me and be ”responsible”.

I learned to be everything for everyone around me. This lead to emotions of stress and anxiety and feeling overwhelmed as I showed up for everyone but myself.

As a teen with very little outlet for my own emotions, I became an emotional eater. Chocolate was my go-to and still is, although now in healthier and smaller quantities! I ate when I was anxious, I ate when I was bored.

I was always eating and exercising in extremes, and eating my emotions – either in deprivation or in excess. I would lose weight, gain weight, and eventually these patterns began to wreak havoc on my metabolism and my hormones.
When life evolved and I found myself at the center of my own family, very little focus went to prioritizing my needs. I took care of my people, managed the household, and worked while still waking up for the 5am boot camp, volunteering for the school, and giving back to the community.

This is what I saw women do, this is how I was raised. This is what I learned to be.

My whole life reflected my lack of prioritizing myself. The combination of wanting to look my best and being a people pleaser, always saying “yes” and striving to be perfect, created a lot of overwhelm, stress and anxiety for me.

I woke up one morning and could not get out of bed – my body ached in extreme pain and I felt physically and mentally exhausted. I had hit my max. I had officially burned out. All the stress, running around, eating sugar for energy, drinking caffeine to stay awake, and drinking wine to soothe me had taken its toll on my body.

After visiting various doctors, I found out I had osteoarthritis of the neck, a thyroid condition, and was on the verge of adrenal fatigue. I realized the years of living on sugar and caffeine while taking care of everyone but me, had caught up with me. I felt too young for this.

I realized all the negative thoughts, lack of prioritizing myself, my food addictions contributed to low energy, gut issues, hormonal imbalances.

I was suddenly faced with the decision to either take medication for the rest of my life and have surgery or make extreme lifestyle and nutritional changes.

I knew I had to change. As I read the side effects of the medications and imagined the recovery period after surgery, I knew that the Pharma path was not for me. Instead I chose holistic modalities and, after much experimentation, I healed my body, mind and spirit.

This was no easy path for me as everyone around me was still moving at a rapid pace, and was taking the easy route of medication rather than lifestyle changes. Afterall, my dad was a doctor and I grew up on antibiotics. Who used food and lifestyle changes to heal their body, anyway?

Regardless, I strove forward, determined to make big changes and regain my health in the way I felt was best for me, building better boundaries. I succeeded in regaining my energy, I found the foods that fueled me, I changed my way of exercising, learned to say no and I slowed down.

Letting go of old and limited beliefs was a challenge, but if I could make these changes, and heal in this way, I questioned: why isn’t everyone doing this? I wondered, do other people know that there are alternatives, and deeper solutions?

I became a coach and with determination began to help women like myself prioritize themselves, slow down, nourish their bodies, and really, truly heal.

As I got older my body changed again — hormonally this time.

I was a caretaker again, this time with my mother. Rather than doing it all, my focus was to support her and my family and I decided to take a back seat in my health coaching practice.

Our body naturally goes through changes over the years. At each stage, we need to evolve and learn to eat differently, in addition to learning how we can achieve better balance and reduce stress.

Each of us has to make sacrifices for family and others at various times in our life. Only we can decide when it is our time. If you have given yourself to all of those around you whether it be as a daughter, sister, wife or mom and feel it is time to make yourself the priority. Don’t keep second guessing you.

Most people do not take care of their health until they are forced to, but it doesn’t need to be that way. If you’re ready to start putting yourself first — to start prioritizing your health, your body, and your needs, you’re in the right place.
You can still continue to be a great mom, wife, sister and daughter. I would be honored to guide you through your journey.

If you resonate with any of this and want to start a conversation, reach out!

My journey here

“After being on a “diet” for what felt like my entire life, I never thought I would be able to change my lifestyle. Working with Ivette, not only changed my eating habits, but I discovered how happy and stress free I could actually be.”


“In less than a year, I have reduced my pant size 4 inches and have lost 35 pounds. More importantly, I now know how to eat clean and natural foods that provide nourishment and energy. Finally, I experienced some major health issues and recovered from them well because I had lost weight and had the energy to sustain major surgery. My guide along this journey has been Ivette Desai. You could not find a better health coach, so I recommend her with great enthusiasm.”

– D. VINCENT VARALLO, President, Varallo International

“I had such a positive experience with Ivette. Not only did she help me gain knowledge on food and nutrition, but she helped me face my fears. We talked about real-life situations from my struggles with career and education to relationships. She taught me different coping mechanisms on how to handle real-life situations.”



This is what I offer in my programs - a safe environment for you to find inspiration, ease, healing and excitement of moving through a journey to reach your biggest goals (even ones you have felt impossible up to now)

I help women who are overwhelmed and stressed heal their bodies and minds so that they can have more energy, mental clarity, better digestion, improved sleep by leaning into structures that help them find the rhythm to heal and age gracefully. Using the tools of Ayurveda and behavioral science, my clients learn to thrive in their bodies and in their lives. 

The body has the ability to heal itself given the right environment and tools

You have one life. Why not make it the best one ever? Why live in pain, why live in a fog, or compromise your life by living someone else’s version of your life when you can create your own?

10 Habits to Thrive

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A one year transformation of healing habits to shift from stress and overwhelm into healing and thriving in your body using the habits of yogis.

cleanse to heal repeated patterns, develop better rhythms and rid body of built up toxins from the previous season.

find your freedom from habitual stress in this 6 WEEK PROGRAM DESIGNED TO

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